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Use Anti-Virus for Free

Do you pay for anti-virus protection?  Most people sign up when they get their new PC, but this usually only lasts for 6 months to a year.  Once it expires, do you renew?  The anti-virus provided by the likes of McAfee and Norton are not cheap.  Up to $80 a year!  There are free alternatives and I have used quite a few of them.

I used to use AVG Anti-virus, but they seemed to be putting more ad related bloatware into their installs.  It culminated in the link checker add-on that was hard to disable so I stopped using AVG.  The link checker was a good idea but just didn’t deliver.  It would check every hyperlink on a page to make sure that it was okay.  This sounds good, but you can imagine how many links may appear on a page and just caused performance of the PC to drop.

So I went to AVAST anti-virus.  I liked AVAST.  It was effective and it was free.  The only drawback was that you had to register it.  Not a big deal really, you sign up your email address and they send you a registration code.  Whola!  Free anti-virus protection.  The drawback is that it would only be registered for 1 year from registration.  Upon expiration, the updates would stop.  Sure you could just re-register again, but what we really want is the Ron Popeil, “set it and forget it!”

So who finally rides in to save the day?  Microsoft.  No really, Microsoft.  They offer a free anti-virus package (Microsoft Security Essentials) that works with Windows Defender (anti-spyware) for an effective package of anti-virus and anti-spyware protection.  And the whole thing is free.  The kicker is that it is even free for businesses.  If you are a small business with 10 computers or less, then you can use it for free.  The other two free anti-virus packages don’t offer that.

So rather than plunk down $25 to $80 per year or provide registration information, just use Microsoft’s easy solution and as a bonus it’s free for your small business too!